14mm BNC Connector For Coaxial Cable

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The BNC connector, originally known as the "Bayonet Neill-Concelman" connector, is a small, coaxial cable-specific rapid connect/disconnect radio frequency connector. It comes in 50-ohm and 75-ohm varieties and is meant to maintain the cable's unique impedance. It is typically used for radio frequency connections up to 500 volts and 2 GHz for video.


  • Its made by metal
  • It's used for CCTV and coaxial cable
  • It has a small size
  • Its length is 61.2mm
  • Its diameter is 14mm
  • Spring length is 17.7mm
Type BNC Connector
Colour Green and Black
Length 61.2mm
Spring length 17.7mm
Diameter 14mm

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