12V to 5V DC-DC 2A Step Down Converter with USB Output

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This DC-DC Step-Down Converter Power Supply Module provides all the active functions for a step-down switching regulator, capable of driving a load up to 2A with excellent line and load regulation. This module comes with the fixed value of input i.e. 12V as well as fixed output voltage which is 5V 2A. The circuit board converts an input voltage of 12V DC into a 5V DC output. The circuit has an IC that steps down the voltage from 12V DC to 5V AC. The circuit consists of numerous resistors and capacitors, which act as filters. The resistors and capacitors smooth the current and the voltage flow giving an approximate, average voltage value that is required. 


  • 12V DC To 5V 2Amp DC Converter
  • High-class components and PCB with short circuit protection
  • IC and optocoupler based voltage regulation
  • Best suited for Bluetooth / Wi-Fi modules
  • Step down power convertor

Input voltage

12V DC

Output voltage


Output current




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