12V Relay 4 Channel Wireless RF Remote Control Switch 1 Transmitter 1 Receiver

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 DC 12V 4 Channel wireless remote control switch receiving board with 4-key remotes. Self-locking, non-locking, interlock 3 output modes Each of the 4 channel relays provides a pair of normally open and normally closed independent contacts.

This controller is compatible with multiple wireless remote controls with different codes of various chips such as 2262/2260/1527/2240, and can learn up to 12 wireless remote controls with different address codes of 433M working frequencies. Mainly used in lamps, barrier gate, garage door, electric door, electric windows, industrial control and security industries.

Output Mode (Special reminder: you need to disconnect the power supply before switching the working mode)

  • Self-locking - connect the JP1 position with a short circuit (plug the middle of the plug and the inside of the board)
  • Non-locking - short circuit, vacant, not connected
  • Connect the JP2 position with a short circuit (plug the middle of the plug and the outside of the board)

Learning Method: Press the learning button, the indicator light is off, release it, press any button on the remote control to wait for the indicator to flash for five times and then light up, indicating that the learning is successful. If the learned remote control is lost during use, you need to clear the old information and then re-learn the remote control of the same type. This will cancel the control of the old remote control and obtain the current usage rights. The receiver board can store up to 12 different coded remote. Self-locking, non-locking, interlock 3 output modes. 

Working Voltage 12V DC
Quiescent Current ≤10mA
Remote Control Distance 20-200 Meters
Receiving Frequency 433 MHz
Receiving Sensitivity -105dB
Contact Type NO/NC
Contact Capacity ≤3A
Size approx. 75x52x27mm
Remote Size approx.  62x10mm



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