36W Short Range IR Hand Wave ON-OFF Sensor Module LZG-HW-V9

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This is an IR sensor-based switching module that works by sweeping your palm over it from 10 to 100 mm away to turn it on or off. This infrared sensor has a wide range of uses, including domestic appliances and automotive and industrial applications. Hand-waving sensor circuit LZG-HW-V9 is used as a switch. It can be powered by supplying 5V-12V DC input. By simply waving in front of the onboard IR sensor the switch turns on which means the power will be supplied in the output pins. It is an example of automatic switches and promotes modernity and luxury with on/off sensors. The sensors have a range of approximate 5-10cm. It quickly scans through the sensor whenever the hand or any other obstacle is in its range. It has an onboard LED(D1) which turns on whenever the output is active. Whenever the obstacle crosses the sensor the power gets supplied in the output and when the obstacle again crosses the sensor, the power gets off.


IN V+ Supplied with positive voltage 5V-12V DC
IN V- Connected with negative (GND) of power supply
OUT+ Connect with positive of load
OUT- Connect with negative(GND) of load

Operating Voltage 5V~12V DC
Rated Current 5A
Power 36W
Sensing Distance up to 10cm
Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C
Size 41x12x8mm
Country of Origin China

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