12V 6A Mornsun Power Supply LM75-22B12

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LM75-22B12 is one of Mornsun’s enclosed AC-DC switching power supplies.  It has dual or reinforced insulation, low no-load power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability, and AC input while also accepting DC input voltage. This power supply is also cost-effective. The IEC/EN61000-4, CISPR32/EN55032, IEC/UL/EN62368, EN60335, and GB4943 standards are met by these converters, which also exhibit excellent EMC performance. These converters are widely used in the industrial, LED, street light control, electricity, security, telecommunications, smart home, etc. sectors.


  • Accepts AC or DC input (dual-use of the same terminal)
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -30℃to+70℃
  • Low standby power consumption, high efficiency
  • High I/O isolation test voltage up to 4000VAC
  • Low ripple & noise
  • Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection
  • Over-Voltage class Ⅲ (designed to meet EN61558)
  • Operating altitude up to 5000m


 Output Power 72W 
Nominal Output Voltage 12V
Nominal Output Current 6A
Output voltage adjustable range
10.2-13.8 V
Efficiency 88 %
Max Capacitive Load  6000 microfarad
Manufacturer Mornsun

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