12V 5A Premium Hand Wave Sensor, Double touch Switch with Dimmer Operate Double Led StripS

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This switch is an isolated touch sensor switch, applicable to all types of lamps on the medium(such as glass, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, etc.) High safety performance, long lifespan, beautiful and generous, is the first choice of making top-grade products. Can ensure customers safe, effectively prevent the interference of the outside world. There are two output options by keeping positive common and GND of the output different. The IR sensor in the middle works as a switch, it switches on and off the output power whenever there is an obstacle(hand) in front of it. If there is a LED strip in the output so the intensity of it can be changed by keeping the hand in front of the IR sensor continuously. The intensity goes from high to low then again low to high. As the module gets connected to two LED strips at a time so the first wave(wave of the hand) in front of the IR sensor switches on the first LED, the second wave switches on the second LED and switches off the first. The third wave switches on both the LED's and it repeats from the next wave, for switching the LED the waves should be quick.


 V+(RD) Supplied with positive of 6-12V
V-(BK) Connected with GND of Input
RD Common positive of OUT1 and OUT2


  • Illumination for pictograms
  • To make the things automatic it is a better option.
  • Very little weight and small size form factor make it easily fits into any application area.
  • It senses the obstacle quickly.
Operating Voltage 12-24V
Rated Power 60W
Model YMS-712
Rated Current 5A
Working temperature -10°C ~ 45°C
Dimension(LxBxH) 63.5mm x 44mm x 13.6mm
Country of Origin China

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