12V 4A Double Touch Switch with Time, Temperature and Intensity Control - CYD12TOB

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Time and Temperature Integrated Touch Switch for Mirror Light can be powered using a simple 12V DC supply. It shows the temperature, time and date on the seven segment display. This is a dimmable mirror-touch sensor for the hotel bathroom, smart touch switch, and mirror light touch sensor switch. This switch has two 12V outputs, which can be used for two different LEDs. We can control the intensity of these two LEDs.

It is also capable of dimming for both LED outputs. On long press, the left side touch sensor, the intensity of the LEDs can be controlled. The switch also has one 12V output through which you can connect a 12V fan or led light, but we can’t change the intensity of this output. On just touching the right touch sensor, the led/fan starts working and on again just by touching, the working stops. We can also set the time, temperature and date just by long touching the right-side touch sensor. The product is reliable, easy to install, sensitive to touch.

The touch Control sensor switchboard is designed with a backlight source, and the backlight source and the touch switch are designed as one body. When the power supply and the control switch are connected, and power on, the backlight source on the switchboard is lit up. The backlight source is always on and it can be turned off by a long time press.


  • Touch Control Sensor Switch works on 12V.
  • Color LED can be made ON-OFF just by a single touch.
  • It’s very easy to install. Just by joining the positive and negative terminal to the power supply and with the positive and negative terminals of LED. Common the positive terminal of two LEDs and the positive terminal of the output.
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Lighting control
  • Sleep mode: Long touch on right-side touch sensor to turn off button backlight. 
Operating Voltage 12V
Model CY-D12TOB
Rated Current 4A
Power Supply 48W

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