12V 2A AC-DC Adaptor Power Supply

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This is a 12V Compact SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) which converts 220V AC (Alternative Current) to 12V DC (Direct Current). It can provide up to 2A maximum current. It is an SMPS Power Adaptor. Despite being small in size, this power supply works effectively. It can be used in chargers, development boards, portable amplifiers, audio-video players, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi modules, DC motors, and led light circuits.


  • Small size
  • Universal AC Voltage
  • High efficiency and reliability


  • Electronic instruments, equipment or apparatus
  • Household appliances
    Product 12V 2A Switch Power Adaptor
    AC/DC Adaptor
    Input Voltage
    100-240V AC 50/60Hz
    Output Voltage 12 VDC
    Output Current
    2 Amp
    Input Current 0.6A
    Size (L*W*D) (mm) 88*53*31 (mm)
    DC Output Cable Length 
    1.5 Meter
    DC Type
    DC Jack 
    DC Jack Outer  5.5 mm
    DC Jack Inner  2.2 mm
    Brand Not Specified

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