12V/15A DC-DC Converter

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A 12V - 15A DC-DC converter is a device that changes direct current (DC) electricity from one voltage level to another. These converters are commonly used in various applications such as automotive, solar power systems, telecommunications, and other electronics where there's a need to step up or step down the voltage to match the requirements of different components or subsystems. The 12V - 15A DC-DC converter is versatile and can be employed in diverse scenarios where adjusting voltage levels in a DC circuit is necessary for optimal functioning of electrical devices or systems.


  • Its input voltage is 35-60V DC
  • Its switching frequency is 40KHz
  • Its input current is 5A
  • Its wattage is 200W
Frequency 40KHz
Input Current 5A
Input Voltage 35-60V DC
I/O Voltage Type DC
Power 200W
Output Current 5A
Output Voltage 59.5V
Type DC to DC Converter

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