125 KHz RFID Card

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RFID cards/tags are based on radio frequency signals. The internal architecture of an RFID card consists of an antenna and a microchip. This 125 kHz RFID tag requires no external power source. RFID tags can transfer data without coming into physical contact with the other device. The coil inside the tag is energized by electromagnetic induction when an RFID reader is brought into its range. This works as a power source to the microchip of the RFID tag. And microchip generates feedback response (unique to each tag) and this response is detected by the RFID reader. Major applications of RFID tags are security systems, industrial systems, toll booths, public transport, attendance systems, etc.


  • Requires no external power source.
  • Unique Serial number for each card.
  • Contactless transmission of data.
  • Data integrity: 16 Bit CRC, parity, bit coding bit counting
  • Individual key set per sector (per application) to support multi-application with key hierarchy.
Operating frequency 125KHz
Data transfer 106 kbit/s
Operating distance Up to 1cm (depending on antenna geometry)
Data integrity 16 Bit CRC, parity, bit coding bit counting
Data storage time > 10 years
Typical Ticketing Transaction <100 ms
Dimension 86x54 mm 
Country of Origin China

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