120W White 210 x140mm Metal Core LED PCB For Street/Flood Lighting

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This is a 120 Watt White Colour 210x140 mm Metal Core LED PCB . It Polarity has marked on this PCB. Its power is 120W, and The no of SMD LEDs is 120. Its colour is White. It often used in flood, street lighting, decoration etc. 


  • Its mainly used in decorative products 
  • It's used in home décor LEDs
  • It's used in traffic LED
  • Lamp
  • Study Lamp
  • Street lights 


  • Direct DC Source 
  • It has a total of 120 LED 
Type Metal Core LED PCB
Input Voltage DC
No of Holes 6
No of LEDs 120
Colour  White
Dimensions 210 x140mm
Power 120W
Mounting Diameter (hole) 3.5mm
Polarity Positive and Negative
No. of Connecting Point 02

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