12 MHz Crystal Oscillator

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12 MHz Crystal Oscillator provides clock pulses of 12 MHz frequency, Used in USB 1.0 and 2.0 systems (with an accuracy of 500 ppm) as the reference clock for the full-speed PHY rate of 12 Mbit/s, or multiplied up using a PLL to clock high-speed PHYs at 480 Mbit/s; common clock for Intel 8051 microprocessors;[10] also used in CAN bus systems. Standard clock frequency for MCS-51 MCU's at 1MIPS.

  • Quartz Crystal Oscillator | 12 MHz | Through Hole | HC-49/U | DIY | Prototyping | HC49/S | HC49/U | 
Frequency 12 MHz
Tolerance 30%
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +60°C
Package DIP HC-49S
Shunt Capacitance 22pF

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