10uf 50V 5x11mm Electrolytic Capacitor

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Its 50V 10uF electrolytic capacitor which is a polarized capacitor with an anode or positive plate consisting of a metal that has undergone the process of anodization to produce an insulating oxide layer. The capacitor's dielectric is this oxide layer. The cathode or negative plate of the capacitor, which is a solid, liquid, or gel electrolyte, is placed on top of this oxide layer.

Applications:  Electrolytic capacitors include filtering and smoothing rectified alternating voltage and alternating voltage components, buffering and interim storage for direct voltage supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, the intermediate circuit of frequency transformers, energy storage in flash devices, motor starters (start capacitor), crossovers in loudspeakers, smoothing of pulse width modulation in LEDs and much more.


  • Its through hole component
  • Its capacitance is 10uF
  • Its voltage is 50V
  • Its dimension is 5x11mm
Voltage rating 50V
Capacitance 10uF
Type Electrolytic Capacitor
Mounting Type Through Hole
Tolerance 20%
Dimension 5x11mm
Material Aluminium
No. of Pins 2

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