10mm Round Red LED/Diffused

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\The 10mm Round Red LED with a diffused lens offers a vibrant and evenly dispersed illumination, making it an ideal component for various electronic applications. The diffused design softens the light emitted, preventing harsh glares and providing a more uniform glow. With a compact 10mm size, this LED is suitable for space-constrained projects while delivering a bold red hue. Its compatibility with standard electronic circuits and durability make it a reliable choice for indicator lights, displays, and decorative elements. Whether incorporated into consumer electronics or creative DIY projects, the 10mm Round Red LED with a diffused lens combines functionality with a visually appealing and versatile lighting solution.


  • It is a red color LED
  • It is a round shape
  • It Diameter 10mm
  • Its Brightness range is 4000-6000mcd
  • WLD 620-625nm


Brand Eness
Product Type 10mm Round Red LED/Diffused
Color Red
Size 10mm
Shape Round 
LED Length Long Leg
Intensity 4000-6000
Wavelength 620-625
Quantity 250
Operating Voltage 1.8-2.4V


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