10E271 Metal oxide varistor

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The 10E271 Metal Oxide Varistors are semiconductors whose resistance changes from a very high open circuit condition to a deficient short circuit condition to clamp any surge or voltage transient in an electrical circuit. It's used in Protection for semiconductors such as a transistor, diode, IC, thyristor, or TRAIC Relay and electromagnetic valve surge absorption, Surge protection in consumer electronics, Surge protection in industrial electronics, Surge protection in electronic household appliances, gas and petroleum appliances.


  • It's used as a protection circuit device

  • Low clamping ratio and no following-on current
  • Extensive absorbing transient energy capability.
  • Fast responding to transient over-voltage
Model 10E271
Type Varistor
Voltage 180Vac RMS
Operating temperature -40 to 85-degree centigrade
Material storage temperature -40 to 125-degree centigrade
Body Nickel plated
Tolerance  -20 to +20 %
Operating surface temperature 25°C
Country of Origin China

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