10D821K 820V 2.5KA MOV/ZOV Metal Oxide Varistor Diode

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It's a MOV-10D821K 820V 2.5kA Varistor Circuit Through Hole. The MOV-10D821K is a type of varistor‚ also known as a voltage-dependent resistor or VDR. It is designed to protect electronic circuits from voltage surges or transients by limiting excessive voltage levels. Here's some information about the MOV-10D821K varistor. Current Rating 2.5kA The current rating specifies the maximum surge current that the varistor can handle. In this case‚ the MOV-10D821K can withstand a surge current of up to 2.5 kiloamperes without being damaged.

No. Of Terminals 2
Operating Voltage 820V
Current 2.5kA
Pitch 10mm
Mounting Type Through hole
Type Varistor

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