NXB 1000uF 100V Electrolytic Capacitor 18x48mm

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It's a 1000uF 100V Capacitor 18mm Dia 48mm Height Electrolytic capacitor. The Capacitor is an electronic device that stores electric charge. The electrolytic capacitor is mainly used for high-charge storage in a small volume. It is also used in filtering applications like low-pass filters, audio amplifier circuits, and many more.

Features :

  • Used to reduce voltage fluctuations in various filtering devices.
  • They are extensively used for noise filtering or decoupling in power supplies.
  • Capacitors are one of the most commonly used electronic components to store charge.
  • Stores large amounts of energy.
  • Electrolytic capacitor is polarized, they are used to hold a DC Charge.
  • It can quickly charge and accumulate energy.

Applications :

  • Used in output and input smoothing to filter when the DC signal is weak with the AC component.
  • Electronics Noise filtering.
  • Energy Storage.

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