0.01uF 10nF 275V Film Box Capacitor

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The "0.01uF 275V 20% Super Film Capacitor" refers to an electrical component known as a capacitor. The capacitance value is 0.01 microfarads (uF) or 10 nanofarads (nF). Capacitance represents the ability of a capacitor to store electrical charge. The capacitor is designed to operate at a maximum voltage of 275 volts (V). It means that it can handle voltages up to 275V without experiencing failure or breakdown. The capacitor has a tolerance of 20%. Tolerance indicates the acceptable variation in capacitance from the specified value. In this case, the capacitance can deviate by up to 20% from the stated 0.01uF value. Capacitors with these specifications can be used in various electronic circuits and applications. They are often employed for filtering, decoupling, bypassing, and timing purposes. The voltage rating is relatively high, making it suitable for applications where higher voltages may be present.


  • Its voltage is 275V
  • Its Mounting Style is Through Hole
  • It has 2 Pins
  • Its Box type Super Film Capacitor
Dimension 17.5x10x5mm
No. of Pins 2
Lead Thickness 0.6mm
Pitch 15mm
Capacitance 0.01uF/10nf
Mounting Type Through hole
Type Film Capacitor
Operating Voltage 275V

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