Create, Document and Share; Earn Discounts & Sponsorships.

Participation Perks:

1. Get a 30% discount coupon for your next purchase.
2. Stand a chance for a paid internship interview at HatchnHack.
3. Earn an invite to private mentorship group.

Participation Guidelines:

1. Share a blog or video blog with us, in which you have built an electronics project.
2. We will be providing you discounts based on the quality, innovation and originality of the project, and the documentation you have submitted.
3. Structured quality write-ups and videos will have higher chances of winning better discount.
4. All submissions must be the original work of the participant and the documentation should be unpublished and non-plagiarized.

Terms and Conditions:

HatchnHack reserves the right to share these submissions as learning blogs with or without editing. Proper attribution and credit will be given to the content creator. Selection at discretion of the panel of judges.

For more details, kindly contact our support team.

In case you are interested, kindly fill in the following details: