PL2303 UART Module integrated with PL2303 IC from Prolific Technology, which is a single-chip USB to UART bridge IC.

This module is a Universal Serial Bus to a Transistor Transistor Logic converter. This module can be used to configure any device which has UART communication protocol. The module is based on PL2303 bridge by Prolific Technology. It also has a self recovery fuse of around 500mA for protection purposes. We can use this module for a number of purposes, we can program any microprocessor based development kit which supports UART communication protocol, configure devices which support UART like HC05. We can use this module along with AT commands to change the default passwords, find out the address and declare certain modules as master and slaves.


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How to use the module?

Here we will program the Arduino UNO board without using the cable that is usually provided with the development board. However Arduino has a built-in USB to TTL converter, we are doing this just for the purpose of demonstration, in certain boards which do not have an inbuilt USB to TTL converter we can use this module to program them (if they support UART communication protocol).


• Connect the 5V pin of the Arduino to the 5V pin of the module.
• Connect the GND of the Arduino to the GND of the module.
• Connect the TX pin of the module to the RX pin of Arduino.
• Connect the RX pin of the module to the TX pin of Arduino.
• The module has a pin that is capable of giving an output of 3.3V we can use this pin to power any device or component that has an operating voltage of 3.3V.
Follow the above-mentioned instructions or use the circuit diagram given below to easily use the module.


Schematic to connect PL2303 USB to TTL Converter Module with arduino


While uploading the code please ensure that the circuit is properly connected, and you have selected the correct board and port in the Arduino IDE. For uploading the code in Arduino suing the USB to TTL converter module we have to perform an extra step. Press the reset button on the Arduino and hold it, upload the program while holding the reset button, keep the button pressed when the code is compiling, when the code starts uploading release the button. We follow this extra step otherwise the TX and RX ports of the Arduino interfere with the code uploading.

code for PL2303 USB to TTL Converter Module

According to the above code The LED on the Arduino will blink continuously at intervals of 100 milliseconds.

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