Use Case of TTC5200 and TTA1943


The TTC5200 is a high power NPN transistor developed by Toshiba. It is often used in high power audio circuits or AF amplifiers due to its high current gain and collector current.  The TTC5200 is a through-hole silicon transistor with a collector to emitter voltage of 230V and a collector current of 15A, the TTC5200 Transistor is a good choice. The transistor is commonly used in amplifier designs and comes in a TO-3P package. The power dissipation of TTC5200 transistor is 150W.

The TTC5200 is an NPN transistor, when the base pin is held at ground, the collector and emitter are left open (reverse biased), and when a signal is applied to the base pin, the collector and emitter are closed (forward biased). The gain value of the TTC5200 is 160, which determines the transistor's amplification capacity.


TTC5200 Transistor


TTC5200 As an audio amplifier


TTC5200 transistor as an amplifier

When in the Active Region, a transistor operates as an amplifier. It has the ability to amplify power, voltage, and current. The most popular and commonly used configuration is the common emitter type. The DC current gain of the Transistor can be calculated using the formula

DC Current Gain = Collector Current (IC) / Base Current (IB)


The circuit accepts audio input from a device such as a computer or a smartphone. A potentiometer regulates the input voltage level, while a capacitor blocks the input signal's DC component, allowing only the AC signal to flow forward. The base of a TTC5200 high power NPN transistor receives this AC signal as a control signal.



The TTA1943 is a PNP transistor that consumes a lot of power. It has a high current gain and consumes more current at the collector, it is commonly employed in high-power audio circuits or AF amplifiers. This transistor is useful for acoustic power since it can handle a large collector current of 15A and a transition frequency of 30MHZ. The Collector emitter Voltage is 230V. The voltage between the base and the emitter is 5 volts. The collector base Voltage is 230V. Power Dissipation of this transistor is 150W.

TTA1943 transistor
TTA1943 as an Current amplifier


TTA1943 as an amplifier circuit


The input is always applied at the forward-biased junction in the amplification transistor circuit. Similarly, the output can be collected across the reverse-biased junction of the transistor. The input signal is applied to the base-emitter junction, and the output signal is sent through the load to the emitter-collector junction.



TTA1943 TTC5200





Transistor TTC5200 TTA1943
Package TO-3P TO-3
Collector base Voltage 230V -230V
Collector emitter Voltage 230V -230V
Emitter base Voltage 5V -5V
DC Current gain 160 160
Collector current 15A -15A
Base Current 1.5A -1.5A
Transition frequency 30MHz 30MHz
Collector Dissipation 150W 150W
Max. Junction temperature 150 degree C 150 degree C

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