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Today, I'm going to give you a thorough overview of some common diodes. This blog is the continuous blog of the series of Diodes so if you wish to read about any other diodes or basics of diode then you may visit our website. In this blog, we will be discussing some common diodes 1N4007, 1N4148, FR207, SR360, 1N5402, 1N5817 and their specifications. A diode is a device that allows current flow through only one direction. That is the current should always flow from the Anode to the cathode.



1N4007 is a general-purpose silicon rectifier diode with a DO-41 plastic package. It's used in a variety of AC-to-DC rectifier circuits, as well as in bridge rectifier circuits. 1N4007 is a kind of rectifier diodes. The forward voltage is around 0.6V to 0.8V when the power is low. In the case of  high power, the forward voltage drop is about 1V. Only low-frequency circuits can use the reverse recovery time, which is measured in microseconds.   The 1N4007 is electrically compatible with other rectifier diodes and can be used in place of any 1N400X series diode. In real life, the 1N4007 can be used in a variety of ways.

The maximum current carrying capacity of the 1N4007 Diode is 1A, and it can withstand peaks of up to 30A. As a result, we can use it in circuits that use less than 1A. The reverse current is 5uA, which is extremely low. This diode has a power dissipation of 3W.


1N4007 Diode


The 1N4007 diode has a wide range of real-life applications in embedded systems some of them are


  • Converters.
  • For switching purposes in Embedded systems.
  • Freewheeling diodes applications.
  • Inverters.
  • General-purpose rectification of power supplies.
  • To avoid reverse current & protect Microcontrollers like Arduino or PIC Microcontroller etc.



1N4001 1A 50V 35V 50V
1N4002 1A 100V 70V 100V
1N4003 1A 200V 140V 200V
1N4004 1A 400V 280V 400V
1N4005 1A 600V 420V 600V
1N4006 1A 800V 560V 800V
1N4007 1A 1000V 700V 1000V




High-speed switching diodes produced in planar technology and enclosed in hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD27 (DO-35) packages. The maximum current carrying capacity of the IN4148 Diode is 300mA, and it can withstand peaks of up to 2A. The main function of this diode is its fast recovery time of 8ns at a forward current of 10mA, hence this diode is used in applications where fast switching is required.   Because the 1N4148 diode is primarily used for rapid switching, it is called as a switching diode. These diodes provide the same functions as a standard switch. Under a fixed voltage, these diodes have high resistance, whereas they have low resistance above the fixed voltage. This type of diode is easily available in a small package at a low cost. As a result, this diode can be chosen based on its fastest reverse recovery time and power dissipation, which ranges from 80 milliwatts to one kilowatt. It is widely used in a variety of switches that have a very fast operation for switching, high-speed rectification, residential and telecommunications industry protection, and so on.


1N4148 diode




The FR207 is an axial leaded fast recovery power diode in the DO-15 package. This device features high current capability, low forward voltage, low power loss, high reliability and high surge current capability. FR207 is a fast recovery rectifier diode with a 2A output current. The cathode terminal of this diode can be identified by the color band on the cathode side. FR207 diode has a fast reverse recovery time of 500 ns. Reverse recovery time is the time taken by a diode to discharge when it switches from the conducting to the blocking state. Due to low recovery time, FR207 is used in ultrahigh-speed switching applications.


FR207 diode


DIODE Max. peak reverse voltage Max. RMS Voltage Max. DC blocking voltage
FR201 50V 35V 50V
FR202 100V 70V 100V
FR203 200V 140V 200V
FR204 400V 280V 400V
FR205 600V 420V 600V
FR206 800V 560V 800V
FR207 1000V 700V 1000V
FR207-STR 1000V 700V 1000V





SR360 is a Schottky Barrier Rectifier with a Low voltage drop of 0.75V and a high forward current of 3A .  This diode offers low power loss, high efficiency, and 80A surge current capability. Low-voltage, high-frequency inverters and polarity protection are some popular uses. When compared to normal diodes, the SR360 Schottky diode offers a faster switching rate and low voltage drop. For stress prevention, this diode has a guard ring structure across the metal-semiconductor junction. The metal-semiconductor junction is covered by the Guard ring.




    Sr360 Diode



    • Can be used to prevent reverse polarity problem
    • High-Frequency Inverters
    • Used as a protection device
    • Current flow regulators
    • Polarity Protection applications



    The 1N5402 is a power diode because of its high forward current and high reverse voltage. The maximum current carrying capacity of the 1N5402 Diode is 3A, and it can withstand peaks of up to 200A. As a result, we can use it in circuits that are designed for less than 3A. The reverse current is 10uA which is negligible. 




    1N5402 diode


    • Can be used to prevent reverse polarity problem
    • HV supplies
    • Half Wave and Full Wave rectifiers
    • Used as a protection device
    • Current flow regulators





    The 1N5817 is a Schottky Diode with forward voltage drop of 450mV and a forward current of 1A. Unlike a normal diode, which has a forward voltage drop of more than 1V, it can be used in reverse polarity protection circuits because of its low forward voltage drop. When 1A current is flowing through 1N5817, the voltage drop across it is only 450mV. Schottky diodes have faster switching speeds than regular diodes and can thus be employed in high frequency switching circuits. The reverse blocking voltage of the 1N5817 is only about 20V, which is a downside of all Schottky diodes, therefore be sure this doesn't affect the performance of your circuit. It is commonly used in high frequency applications like Inverters, DC-DC converters etc.




      1N5817 diode




      • Can be used to prevent reverse polarity problem
      • High Frequency Inverters
      • Used as a protection device
      • Current flow regulators
      • Polarity Protection applications



      DIODE 1N4007 1N4148 FR207 SR360 1N5402 1N5817
      Package D0-41 DO-35 D0-15 DO-201AD D0-201 D0-41
      Type of Diode Rectifier diode Switching diode Fast recovery diode Schottky rectifier diode Rectifier Diode Schottky Diode
      Current 1A 300mA 2A 3A 3A 1A
      Forward Voltage 1V 1V 1.2V 0.75V 1.2V 450mV
      Peak Current 30A 2A 75A 80A 200A 25A
      Reverse Current 5uA 50µA 10µA 200 µA 10uA 10mA
      Max. RMS Voltage 1000V 100V 700V 42V 140V 14V
      Operating junction Temperature -55 °C to +175 °C -65 °C to 200°C -65 °C to +150 °C -55 °C to +150 °C -55 °C to +175 °C -55 °C to +175 °C

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