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Today, I'm going to give you an overview of the Different Packages of Diodes. This blog is the continuous blog of the series of Diodes so if you wish to read about any other diodes or basic's of diode then you may visit our website. In this blog, we will be discussing the Through Hole Packages, Surface Mount Styles, 3-Terminal Bolt Mount, Panel Mount device or Stud Mount, and so on.

So far, we've Generally seen single through-hole diodes, which are widely available and useful for prototypes, but you'll hardly see these through-hole packages in many products. There are many types of Diode packages, which we will go through today.


Through Hole Package

Through Hole Package

These are the commonly used diodes which are breadboard and Perf board friendly. These packages are named DO-7, DO-13, DO-35, DO-41, DO-204 etc out of which the DO-41 is most common. These Packages are also called Axial Lead Diodes.


The DO-41 (also known as DO-204-AL or SOD66) is a common semiconductor package used to encapsulate rectifier diodes (i.e., diodes meant to handle larger currents and voltages than signal diodes). DO-41 diodes are larger than signal diode packages such as DO-35, which are not required to handle large currents. The most common diode using this packaging is the 1N4001 to 1N4007 series of rectification diodes. 
A minimum body length of 4.06mm and a maximum body length of 5.21mm. The maximum component diameter is 2.16mm, but usually given in the 2.00 to 2.72mm.
The DO-41 package is a 2-terminal Axial Leaded Through-Hole device.DO-41

DO-41 Diode Packages;

DO-41 Diode Packages, Axial Lead Diodes.

Fast Recovery Power Rectifier; 1N4933, 1N5186, 1N5187, 1N5188, and 1N5190
Ultra-Fast-Recovery Power Rectifier Diode; 1N6620 to 1N6625, 1N6626 to 1N6631
General Purpose Rectifier Diode; 1N4001, 1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, 1N4005, 1N4006, 1N4007
Schottky Barrier Hermetic Diode; 1N5819-1, 1N6761-1
Voltage Regulator Diode; 1N4460 through 1N4496, and 1N6485 through 1N6491


The DO-7 (also known as DO-204-AA) is a common semiconductor package for 1N34A germanium diodes. The DO-7 package is an Axial Leaded Through-Hole device. The 1N940 reference diode is a widely used glass axial-leaded device in a DO-7 package

DO-7 Diode Packages;

DO-7 diode package is an Axial Leaded Through-Hole device

Fast-Recovery High-Voltage Power Rectifier Diode; 1N6520 through 1N6527, and 1N6528 through 1N6535
Temperature-Compensated Voltage Reference Diodes; 1N935, 1N936, 1N937, 1N938, 1N939, 1N940 
Temperature-Compensated Voltage Reference Diodes; 1N4565A-1 through 1N4584A-1
Voltage-Variable Capacitor Diode; 1N5139A through 1N5148A, 1N5461B through 1N5476B, and 1N5461C through 1N5476C


Also known as DO-204-AH or SOD27 is a semiconductor package used to encapsulate signal diodes (i.e., diodes meant to handle small amounts of current and voltage). It is often used to package small signal, low power diodes such as 1N4148 (a 100 V, 300 mA silicon diode.)The DO-35 package is a 2-terminal Axial Leaded Through-Hole device.

DO-35 Diode Packages;

DO-35 Diode Package

Low-Noise Voltage Regulator Diodes; 1N4099-1 through 1N4135-1, 1N4614-1 through 1N4627-1, 1N5518B-1, 1N5518C-1, 1N5518D-1 to 1N5546B-1, 1N5546C-1 and 1N5546D-1
Ultra-Fast-Recovery Power Rectifier Diode; 1N6073 through 1N6081
Voltage Regulator Diode; 1N6309 through 1N6355, 1N962 through 1N992
Voltage Regulator Diode, 500mW; 1N4370A-1 to 1N4372A-1, 1N746A-1 to 1N759A-1,
Zener Diodes; 1N5221B to 1N5267B
Schottky Barrier Hermetic Diode, 1N6677-1
500mW Diodes; 1N4614, 1N4615, 1N4616, 1N4617, 1N4618, 1N4618, 1N4619, 1N4620, 1N4621, 1N4622, 1N4623, 1N4624, 1N4625, 1N4626, 1N4627, 1N4678



Surface Mount Styles

SMD diode

SMD components are used in the majority of finished products that are ready for manufacturing. These are less expensive than through-hole and have a smaller form factor. Some of the most common diode SMD packages include SOD-323, SOD-523, SOD-123, SOD-80C, and DO-213. Most power circuit designers continue to use through-hole types because they have a higher current capacity and less EMI troubles, but SMD is often used in digital circuits. Surface mount diodes are either lead-less-Melf or 2-terminal SOD designs.


The DO-213 package is a Surface Mount Device [SMD]. This package style is also called a MELF package
Metal electrode leadless face (MELF) is a type of leadless cylindrical electronic surface mount device that is metallized at its ends. MELF devices are usually diodes and resistors.


Diode packages list

Title SOD DO Size Rating
MELF (MMB) SOD-106 DO-213AB L: 5.8 mm, ⌀: 2.2 mm 1.0 W 500 V
Mini MELF (MMA) SOD-80 DO-213AA L: 3.6 mm, ⌀: 1.4 mm 0.25 W 200 V
Micro MELF (MMU) L: 2.2 mm, ⌀: 1.1 mm 0.2 W 100 V


Diodes in a DO-213 package

Diodes in a DO-213 package

DO-213AB package [DO213];
Schottky Barrier Hermetic Diode 1N5819UR-1, and 1N6761UR-1

DO-213AA package;
Schottky Barrier Hermetic Diode, 1N6677UR-1.
Low leakage Silicon Diode, 1N3595UR-1.
Switching Silicon Diode, 1N4454UR-1.

DO-214 is a standard that specifies a group of semiconductor packages for surface-mounted diodes.

The standard includes multiple package variants:

Diodes in a DO-214 package

DO-214AA, also known as SMB, is the middle size.
DO-214AB, also known as SMC, is the largest size.
DO-214AC, also known as SMA, is the smallest size.

 Small Outline Diode (SOD)

Small Outline Diode (SOD) is a designation for a group of semiconductor packages for surface mounted diodes. The standard includes multiple variants such as SOD-123, SOD-323, SOD-523 and SOD-923.SOD-123 is the largest, SOD-923 is the smallest.

SOD-123 Switching Diode, 1N4148UE2

SOD-123 Switching Diode


The URS package is a Surface Mount Device [SMD]. This package style is also called a MELF package; Metal Electrode Leadless Face.

D-5B Package;
Hermetic, Rectifier, Schottky Barrier Diode, 1N6826US, 1N6831US






3-Terminal Bolt Mount

URS diode package

There also exist some three-terminal special diodes which are used in advanced applications like the space industry. They feature a high current capability as well as switching capabilities. These are available in TO-64, TO-208, and TO-254 packages. They have a slot in the middle that allows them to be attached to a heat sink body; they are also known as bolt mount diodes.


TO-254 is a through-hole device with a metal tab for a heat sink. The metal tab may also be used to attach to a larger heat sink.

TO-254 three Terminal Diode: Lead 1, Anode. Lead 2, Common Cathode. Lead 3, Anode

TO-254AA Package,

TO-254AA diode Package

Power Rectifier Diode, Common Cathode or Anode Center Tap, 1N6828, 1N6828R, 1N6833, 1N6833R




TO-64 diode package

The TO-64 package is a 3-terminal Bolt mounted device used for high power Silicon Controlled Rectifier [SCR] components.




The TO-208 package is a 3-terminal Bolt mounted device that uses high power Silicon Controlled Rectifier [SCR]. 

TO-208 package

TO-208 diode package

A number of Thyristors [SCR] use this package style including; 2N682, 2N683, 2N685, 2N686, 2N687, 2N688, 2N689, 2N690, 2N691, 2N692, 2N692A, and 2N5206




Panel Mount device or Stud Mount

Bolt mounted Through-Hole diode package

It is a Bolt mounted Through-Hole package used for high power diodes. The bolt side of the component is attached to a Printed Wiring Board [PWB] or metal heat sink while the opposite end of the component requires a lead wire to attach to the PWB circuit.
The bolt is threaded so a nut may be attached to secure the component to whatever surface it's mounted to. Be sure to check the bolt size so the nut is the proper fit.



The DO-5 package is a Bolt mounted Through-Hole device used for high power diodes.

DO-5 Device Part Numbers:

DO-5 Device Part Numbers diode

DO-5; Fast-Recovery Schottky Barrier Diode, 1N6392
DO-5; 50 watts Zener Diodes, NTE5240A to NTE5296A.



The DO-4 package is a Bolt-Mount Through-Hole component for PWB or Panel mount uses

DO-4 package

DO-4 diode package

DO-4 package: 1N1202A, 1N1204A, 1N1206A, 1N3671A, and 1N3673A2




The DO-8 package is a Through-Hole device

DO-8 package:

DO-8 diode package





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