VIGOR 8mm Dual Shaft BO Motor Straight

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Dual Shaft BO Motor Plastic Gear BO series straight motor gives good torque and rpm at lower operating voltages. It is a low-cost geared DC Motor which is an alternative to metal gear DC motors. It is most suitable for lightweight robots running on voltages between 5V-9V. Out of its two shafts, one shaft can be connected to the wheel, while the other can be connected to an encoder


  1. Connect the power source to two leads and see it spinning. 
  2. One end of the shaft can be connected to the wheel, while the other can be connected to an encoder. 


  • Arduino
  • Raspberry-Pi
  • DIY Projects.
  • Battery-operated toys.
  • Disk drives Steel rolling mills Paper.
  • Machines Medical equipment.
  • Radio-controlled aircraft.
  • Automobiles Drive systems Positioning.
  • Industrial and consumer actuators Winches Robotics Mixers.
  • Robotic projects.


  • Do not connect the motor directly to the output pin of a microcontroller. Use a transistor, H-Bridge, or Motor Driver
  • The motor can become hot if you feed in more voltage. Do not connect the motor to more than a 9 V power source though it resists up to 12 V
  • This is a DC Motor. Do not attempt to use it with AC


Operating Voltage 3-12 V DC
Rated Speed(After Reduction) 150 RPM
Shaft Length 8 mm
Shaft Diameter 5.4 mm
No Load Current 40 mA -180 mA
Gearbox Shape Straight
Motor Length 65mm
Width 22.2mm
Depth with shaft 36.6mm
Material Plastic
Make Make in India
Country of Origin China

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