10k Potentiometer

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The 10k Vertical PCB Preset Variable Resistor Trimmer Potentiometer is a three-terminal variable resistor that is used to vary or change the resistance. It is used to change different parameters in an electronic circuit, such as voltage, current, and so on.

It is a passive electronic component that has two end terminals with a resistive element and the sliding contact called the wiper acts as the third terminal. Two other terminals present are used to facilitate stabilized mounting on PCB. It is mostly used in applications where a single turn can provide enough control resolution.

  • An adjustable potentiometer can open up many interesting user interfaces
  • Turn the pot and the resistance changes
  • Resistors | Audio Control | Brightness Control | 10 kohm Potentiometer | 10kohm Potentiometer | Pot | 10k Pot | Potentiometer 10k.
Value 10K ohm
Type Single Linear
Pins 5 (3 for connections and other 2 for stability)


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