GBPC5010W 1kV, 50A Single Phase Bridge Rectifier (Pack of 500)

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The GBPC5010  is a Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier. The maximum input AC RMS voltage of this IC is 700V hence can be used for a broad range of applications. The maximum average current this IC can handle is around  40A. This IC has a reverse breakdown voltage of 1000V and a low forward voltage drop of 1.1V. It has high efficiency and a  surge current capability of 400 A. If you are looking for a compact IC for rectification applications this can be a good choice.                                                   Features

  • Integrally moulded heat sink provided low thermal resistance for maximum heat dissipation 
  • High surge current capability 
  • Void-free junction soldering by using vacuum soldering
  • Universal 3-way terminals: snap-on, wire-around, or P.C board mounting
Model GBPC5010W
Type Bridge Rectifier Diode
Working Peak Reverse Voltage 1000 V
RMS Reverse Voltage V(RMS) 700 V
Average Forward Rectified Output Current 50 A
Peak Reverse Current @ 25°C 5µA
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 150°C
Quantity 500

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