BUT11AF NPN Power Transistor

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BUT11AF is a High-voltage, high-speed glass-passivated NPN power transistor in a SOT186 envelope with an electrically insulated mounting base, intended for use in converters, inverters, switching regulators, motor control systems, etc.

For more information  Datasheet


  • High Voltage, High Speed
  • With TO-220Fa Package


  1. Base
  2. Collector
  3. Emitter


  1. Converters
  2. Inverters
  3. Switching Regulators
  4. Motor Control Systems


Model BUT11AF
Type Power Transistor
Mounting Type Through Hole
Transistor Material Si
No. of Pin 03
Collector-Base voltage 1000 V
Collector-emitter voltage  450 V
Collector current (DC) 5A
Collector current peak value 10A
Total power dissipation (Ths < 25 °C) 20W
Package TO-220F

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