Arduino Practice Kit for Beginners

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  • Arduino Practice kit is designed by Hatchnhack that aims to help one develop Arduino skills starting from the introductory to advanced levels. It has all the rudimentary components that one comes across while experimenting and prototyping with Arduino.
  • Especially useful for absolute beginners, whether they are school students or college students.
  • The components are selected in such a way that you can learn a variety of experiments starting from the simplest experiments such a blinking led to interfacing Arduino with your phone. 

The Kit Includes Following


 Components Quantity
Arduino Nano 1
Nano Cable 1
Red LEDs  5
Green LEDs 5
Blue LEDs 5
Breadboard  1
Push Button(10xx)  5
Potentiometer(10k)  1
LDR(10k)  2
DHT11 1
Preset(1k)  1
Voltage Buzzer 1
Keypad Matrix 1
Bluetooth Module(HC05) 1
Jumper Wires(Male to Male) 40
Jumper Wires(Male to Female) 20
Jumper Wires(Female to Female) 20
Single-digit Seven Segment Display 2
Resistors(100, 220, 330, 1k,10k ..) 100
Capacitors(Ceramic and Polar) 
5(Ceramic), 2 (Polar) 
Resistor Network 1
Slide Switch 1

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