Arduino Based Four-Wheel Line Follower DIY Kit (Robotic Kit For Beginners)

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In this Arduino Based Four-Wheel Line Follower Kit, you will get all components that are required to build an amazing Arduino-based Line follower DIY robot. Beginners can easily build this project with some screwing and wiring. This DIY LFR Kit comes with some great features. Four-Wheel chassis will provide a good balance and a well-supported system in your DIY project. You can control the speed of the line follower robot with the help of the PWM-supported function of the L298N motor driver. We are also providing a Lithium-ion AA battery to give rechargeable functionality. 

Make your own Line Follower DIY Project with HNHCart support, you can also take the help from this 'How To Make Line Follower Robotic Car', which is posted on our website.


Item Quantity
Arduino Nano With USB Mini B Cable 1
L298N Motor Driver Shield 1
Four-Wheel Chassis Set With All Fitting 1
Dual Shaft BO Motors 4
BO Motor Wheels 4
170 Points Breadboard 2
IR Sensor Module 2
1200 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries 2
Dual Cell Lithium-ion Battery Holder 1
Male To Male Jumper Wires 40
Male To Female Jumper Wires 40

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