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IGBT designs that do not require a punch through are the HGTG5N120BND and HGTP5N120BND. They are brand-new IGBTs that are MOS gated for high voltage switching. IGBTs combine the greatest elements of bipolar transistors and MOSFETs. This device combines the low on-state conduction loss of a bipolar transistor with the high input impedance of a MOSFET. The IGBT in use is a TA49308 development type. The TA49058 development type diode is utilized (Part number RHRD6120). The IGBT is appropriate for a variety of high-voltage switching applications that operate at moderate frequencies and require minimal conduction losses, such as drivers for solenoids, relays, and contactors, AC and DC motor controllers, and power supplies.


  • Its used in switching operation

  • 1200V Switching SOA Capability

  • Short Circuit Rating

  • Low leakage current

  • It has the capability to improved dv/dT

  • 100% avalanche energy rated
Model 5N120BND 
Package TO-247
Forward current 21A
Reverse Voltage 1200V
Tc 25 Degree centigrade
Typical fall time 175nS
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 150°C




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