47K/50K NTC thermistor (Pack of 8)

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NTC thermistor is thermally sensitive resistors called thermistor are renowned for showing a significant change in resistance with only a slight change in temperature. It's crucial to remember that thermistor resistance changes are not linear. It adheres to a predetermined curve that the thermistor manufacturer provides. Thermistors are temperature-dependent resistors, changing resistance with changes in temperature. They are very sensitive and react to very small changes in temperature. They are best used when a specific temperature needs to be maintained, and when monitoring temperatures within 50°C of ambient.


  • Small in size

  • Its used in Home appliances like AC 

  • Its ambient temperature is 50 degree centigrade

Model 47K/50K NTC
Type Thermistor
Dissipation constant 2.7mW/°C
High accuracy 0.1°C
Reference resistance 50Kohm
Reference temperature 25°C
Operating temperature range -55 to 150 °C
Standard sensor 0.2°C



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