40x2 LCD Screen with Green Yellow Backlight

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With a 152.2x16.8mm viewing area, this extra broad LCD will do the job if you need to display a lot of information on your device. The 5x8 character matrix on this 40 x 2 LCD panel, like all transflective displays, can be read in direct sunlight, is appropriate for regular office lighting, and is easy to read in dark environments.

As with other standard character displays, the parallel interface communicates with your host using 4-bit or 8-bit mode. The built-in controller is compatible with the industry-standard Hitachi HD44780 controller. Software written for the HD44780 should work without any changes. 

PCB Size 182x33.5mm
Height 13.5mm
Viewing Area 152.2x16.8mm
Construction 5x8 Dots
Display Construction 40 Characters x 2 Lines
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Viewing Angle 180°
Number of Pins 16
Driving Method 1/16 Duty, 1/5 Bias
Number of Data Line 4/8 Bit Parallel

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