2A 250V SPDT On-On Rocker Switch AS36S0

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This is an SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) switch that has three positions ON, OFF and ON. SPDT mini Rocker switch is rated for a load of 2A 250V and 4A 125V. This switch has three terminals in it. Positions are clearly marked on the button to make it easy for users to identify its position. ON, OFF and ON are marked as I, O and II respectively. This switch can be used to control the clockwise and anti-clockwise motion of a motor.

Model AS36S0
Rating 2A @ 250VAC 4A @ 125VAC 
Switching Mode ON-ON
Structure SPDT
Number of Pins 3
Material Plastic and Metal 
Panel Cut-out(mm) 18.6x9.3 (mm)

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