12V RGB LED Strip- 5 Meter SMD 5050

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The 12V RGB 5050 SMD LED Strip has 270 Bright, RGB LEDs on a 4 Meter length. The strip is made up of 5050 SMD RGB LEDs and consumes a total of 22.5 Watts of power. This RGB 5050 SMD LED Strip strip is bendable and can be shaped to fit around curves and corners. It is powered by 12VDC. To power this entire 5m strip, you'll need an adapter with a minimum output of 2 amps. Using an underpowered power supply on these strips will result in power loss and mismatched colours because a specific colour of the diode will not receive enough power. The strip comes with 4.5M of self-adhesive to make installation easy. Please keep in mind that these are NOT individually addressable LED strips. Each colour is powered by a separate 12VDC circuit. There are three 12VDC circuits in total (R G B). If you don't need advanced flashing patterns or colour mixing, you can power these strips with standard 12V DC.

LED Glow Color

RGB (Red-Green-Blue)

Max. Operating Current  2A


Operating Voltage 

DC 12V

Power required 

22.5 W

No. of LEDs per Meter

60 LEDs

Strip Length


Strip Size


Total Luminous Flux


View angle


Working Temperature Range (°C)

– 25°C to 60°C

Country of Origin China

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