12V Mini Air Pump Motor for Pet Aquarium Tank

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This 12V Mini Air Pump Motor is a low cost, extremely simple and easy to use. It works on 12V. Power the pump with 12V DC and it will start pumping air through the output nozzle.

It is widely used for building science projects fire-extinguishers, fire fighting robots, DIY Hydraulics, waterfalls, fountains, and plant watering systems. 

Rated Voltage 12V DC
Voltage Range 3-12V DC
Maximum Pressure 250mm Hg
Water Flow 2.0 L/min
Material Metal, Plastic
Size(LxD) 68x27mm
Output Nozzle Diameter 3-4mm



This is a used and refurbished air pump and not a new product but It is 100% tested for proper working. It is a High-quality air pump at a lower price rate perfect for DIY and hobby projects. Another variant exists for the same product. Please Check: 12V Mini Air Pump Motor for Pet Aquarium Tank Oxygen Circulation

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