12V 4A Double Touch Switch with Time, Temperature and Intensity Control - CY-D12TOK5P-03 WM

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Touch Control Sensor Switch for Mirror Light can be powered by simply supplying a 12VDC. It has a switch control function to light up LED lights from a single touch. The product is specially designed for smart light mirrors. It is suitable for the control of two mirror lights. The smart module not only powers the LEDs but also shows the time and the temperature. The module is present with a temperature sensor for getting an accurate reading of it and shows it on the screen. The module has a feature to control the brightness of a single LED strip. The touch switch has a feature of backlight, according to this as the power gets supplied to the module the touch switch starts glowing white and whenever the LED is switched on, the white colour changes to blue.

  • 12V- and 12V+, gets connected to the input 12VDC supply to power the module.
  • R+ and R-, give 12V output. It may be linked to a 12VDC-input LED strip or a 12VDC-input fan. The intensity of the LED cannot be altered using this output source. The powering of it is controlled by a touch switch on the right side.
  • LED+ and LEDB-, gets connected to the LED strip whose brightness can be controlled. The left side touch switch is used to power this LED. The LED’s brightness can be controlled by touching continuously the touch switch, it goes from bright to dim then removing the finger and placing it again, it goes from dim to bright.


  • Touch Control Sensor Switch works on 12V.
  • LED can be made ON-OFF just by a single touch.
  • It’s very easy to install. Just by joining the positive and negative terminal to the power supply and with the positive and negative terminals of LED. Common the positive terminal of two LEDs and the positive terminal of the output.
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Lighting control
  • Little weight and small size form factor make it easily fits into any application area.
  • Shows Time and Temperature
Rated Voltage 12VDC
Model CY-D12TOK5P-03 WM
Rated Current 4A
Rated Power 48W
Size 97x86x14.7mm

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