12V 30 RPM Centre Shaft DC Geared Motor For Robot Platform RC Car

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Metal gears are the most resistant to wear and damage. The gearbox is completely sealed and lubricated with lithium grease and requires no maintenance. The shaft is made of high-strength steel. The outer body of the gear head is made of high-density plastic but is quite easy to open as only screws are used to attach the outer and inner structure. This motor requires no more than 12V of power to run.

Although the motor gives 30 RPM at 12V, the motor runs smoothly from 5V to 12V and gives a wide range of RPM, and torque. This DC Motor with Metal Gear Head is ideal for low RPM, High Torque applications like lifting an object through Hook and is also useful for various robotics.

Operating Voltage 12V DC
Load Current 300mA
No-Load Current 60mA
Motor Speed 30rpm
Torque ≤5kg-cm
Shaft Diameter 6mm
Shaft Length 24cm
Motor Diameter 39.6mm
Motor Length with Shaft 79mm

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