1~8 Cell Lithium Battery Level Indicator Module-User Configurable

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The charge status (capacity) of 18650 Lithium-ion batteries and other lithium batteries with a maximum voltage of 4.2 volts per cell can be quickly visualized using these modules.

This battery capacity display module is ideal for DIY power supply, battery chargers, RC, and electric cars, as it displays the voltage state of the battery in a rapid and easy-to-read manner.

Simply connect the module to the positive and negative contacts of your battery or battery pack, and a visible bar display shows the charge status of the battery in real-time.
The display bars are blue, and the display outline is red.

Lithium battery capacity level indicator for 1 to 8 cells, user-configurable with jumper pad setting. Compact design with 4-segments display. Simple connection with 2-wires to a lithium battery pack. 

Number of Cell 1~8S
Number of cell Pre-set Setting 1 Cell
Indicator Type 4 Bar Graph
Dimensions (LxWxH) 45 x 20 x 8 mm
Mounting Hole M2 Screw 
Operating Temperature -10℃~65℃

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