HatchnHack Makerspace is the best place to make and do electronics, arduino, raspberry pi, college projects, startups, prototypes.

Ever dreamt of a place where you get to meet people from all walks of life? Where the mantra is learn while teaching and teach while learning...A place devoid of all barriers of age, gender or occupation.. The answer to it would a resounding yes right? Yet sounds too good to be true? Or straight out of 3 Idiots ?

This imagination finally has found roots at HatchnHack - A place where people can collaborate to innovate, develop the maker's spirit and create something new and exciting. The place has been basically started in the wake of a new movement- The maker's movement. Nestled near Mayapuri metro station the purpose of HatchnHack is to provide state of the art tools, technologies, machines and technical know how to people so as to empower them to bring alive their ideas and provide solutions to real life problems.

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HatchnHack Makerspace